Frequently Asked Questions

A Symphony concert is not like a rock band concert so you probably have some questions if you’ve never been to one of our concerts before. Here are some answers to get you started:

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Q: What should I wear to the concert:

A: If you are one who enjoys getting dressed up for an occasion, this is your time to shine! However, come in what fits your comfort level. You will see people dressed in Sunday-best and even some in a nice shirt and jeans.


Q: When should I arrive?

A: Regular season concerts begin at 7:00 pm. Plan to arrive twenty to twenty-five minutes before the concert begins so you can park, find your seat, and have time to look through the program. Most concertgoers make a point of coming early to visit with friends, read the program notes, or just watch the orchestra warm up. If you arrive late, you will be seated by an MSO usher during the next break in the performance.


Q: Is there assigned seating at the concert?

A: All of our concert venue seating is first-come, first-served. All of our tickets are General Admission tickets and there is no assigned seating.


Q: Will there be handicap seating?

A: Yes, there will always be designated handicap seating at our concert venues which includes those who choose not to climb stairs or aren’t able to walk long distances. Feel free to ask a volunteer in the lobby to help guide you.


Q: Are children allowed to attend the concert?

A: Student tickets are only $5.00! We love for you to make your next family outing a Symphony concert! Please feel free to bring your children but be mindful that not every youngster can sit still for the length of the concert. Also be aware that those trying to listen will not particularly care for a screaming child during a Beethoven piece.


Q: How long will the concert last?

A: It’s difficult to say how long a concert will last since it varies with the different selection of pieces. Our concerts usually last about ninety minutes or so.


Q: Who is that lady walking on to the stage by herself?

A: That is our Concertmaster, Elizabeth O’Bannon! Her entrance signals the start of the concert and it is appropriate to applaud for her until she bows and takes her place. She will then instruct the principal oboist to play an “A” for the orchestra to tune.


Q: Who is that guy walking on to the stage after the orchestra tunes?

A: That is our Conductor and Music Director, Dr. Clay Couturiaux! He has worked very hard at preparing the orchestra to play the concert for you so it is appropriate to applaud for him until he bows and is ready to begin.


Q: I thought the piece of music was done but no one clapped, what happened?

A: Some pieces of music have several movements or sections. We do not usually applaud between movements of a piece. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell when a piece has ended. The Conductor will signal the end of a piece by putting the baton down and turning to the audience.


Do you have any questions that weren’t covered? Give us a call at 318-812-6761 or email

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