Who Owns the Symphony?

YOU DO!   The symphony is a gift to yourself, your family, friends and most important, to the entire Northeast Louisiana region.

It takes about 100 people and $175,000 a year to bring the Monroe Symphony Orchestra to the stage. In addition to the enjoyment you personally experience when you attend a performance, having a quality symphony benefits you–and all of us–and in some ways about which you may not be aware.

For example: when businesses, corporations and educational institutions look at an area in which to locate, re-locate or to expand, among the many considerations on their list, they look at what the community has to offer in the form of arts and culture for their employees’ families — including those employees they hire locally. Along with other area arts organizations, the MSO is a capital investment magnet for businesses and jobs. Your gifts and donations make up about half of the annual funding the MSO needs to keep performing.

In a time when most small and medium size cities in this country do not have a symphony orchestra, the MSO is a miracle that you personally can continue to make happen for us all.  A corporate or individual gift of $1,000 to $10,000 — or more, or less— will help us reach our annual funding goal.

Here’s how it breaks down:

Annual Budget

Total Annual Budget: $175,000
4 concerts at $30,000 each: $120,000
“Sound Safari” (educational concert): $10,000
Promotional Support: $15,000
Staff Salary (1 Paid Staff Person): $30,000

Thank you in advance for your support.

Scot Humes, 2022-2023 MSO Board President